1. Close calls in dire times demands vigilance, perseverance and the option to pull back in order to stay safe
  2. Some rioters have thrown projectiles at fire crews, smashed apparatus windows, and tossed firecrackers under fire trucks while firefighters work
  3. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the bill into law Saturday, ensuring families of first responders who have died from the virus will receive benefits
  4. As protests spread nationwide, fire service leaders share messages to plea with protesters, reassure citizens, share safety measures and detail response efforts
  5. Three of the injured firefighters suffered burns in the massive blaze that destroyed seven buildings
  6. Fire service leaders and members of the FireRescue1 community voice support for Chief John Fruetel's cautious approach to fire operations amid violence
  7. Firefighters, it's time to test how much you know about financial preparedness
  8. Nationwide protests involving spontaneous mass gatherings prompted the early release of the document
  9. The Minnesota Air Medical Safety Council announced limited suspensions due to increased air traffic and reports of shootings, drones and laser pointing incidents
  10. What we can learn about first responders' responsibility to intervene from the death of George Floyd