1. Thomas Wright broke free from the gurney restraint, bit the EMT and knocked him to the ground, then began stomping on his head
  2. While Clearcreek Fire District crews were responding to a vehicle fire, someone broke into their station and stole an ambulance
  3. Michael Johnston, a member of the Equality Volunteer Fire Department, was responding to a brush fire at the time of the crash
  4. The tapes depict stranded riders crying, pleading for help for people with health conditions and in one case a man who had passed out, all when the gondolas broke down Oct. 5
  5. Riverside Elementary School raised nearly $700 in honor of Randy Syphrit, who was killed over the summer, and who regularly visited the school to teach fire safety
  6. A downed tree that had fallen onto nearby power lines caused the house fire
  7. Fire Chief Tim McConnell said work began Thursday in hopes of bringing the multi-ton structures down ahead of approaching tropical weather
  8. The City of Orlando is arguing the decision was "explicitly based on a misunderstanding" of criminal charges filed against Joshua Granada
  9. Three firefighters, who were on the top floors of the low-rise building, called a mayday after one firefighter suffered from heat exhaustion